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SVBSA/SVNAA/Mars 6U Softball

1. A player is not permitted on the playing field without an Association provided jersey/uniform and glove.
2. All players will bat and field the whole game.
3. All batters and runners must wear batting helmets with facemasks.
4. All players will bat in consecutive order.
5. Must have five (5) players to play a game. Coaches can catch balls as a catcher, but can't cover home
plate for an out when a ball is put in play.
6. All players will be taught infield(1B, 2B, SS, 3B, and Pitcher) positions and outfield throughout the season.
7. Positions must be rotated every inning. All players must play both infield and outfield each game.
8. No player may play first base or pitcher in consecutive innings.
9. A coach will be used to pitch to the batter from a distance between 25 to 35 feet.
10. Four defensive coaches will be allowed on the field to instruct defensive players, the defensive
coaches will also call outs.
11. The home team manager will supply the game ball and the league equipment for each game.
12. Both team managers shall determine if the game should be played in case of rain. If there is
lightning in the area, play shall stop immediately.
13. Recommended, that all players in the field wear a fielders mask. REQUIRED BY SVBSA.
14. All pitchers must wear a fielders mask and a heart guard.
15. An 11 inch flex ball will be used.

1. The distance between the bases is fifty (50) feet.
2. The distance between the pitching line and home plate is thirty-five (35) feet.
3. An eight-foot arc shall extend in from of home plate from baseline to baseline. This area is foul

1. Warm-ups should consist of small group working on ground balls, fly balls, receiving, and swings.
2. Games are played for three (3) innings or one and a half (1.5) hours, whichever comes first. Between
innings and at the end of the game we will play fun games, hit hat off the tee, bucket ball, swat the fly.
We will race at the end with teams starting at 2nd and home.
3. There are no walks or strikeouts.
4. Base runners will be called out at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base.
5. All players, per team, will bat per inning. If three outs are made before all players bat, the offensive
team will continue to bat until all players have had a chance to bat.
6. Each batter is allowed four (4) pitches. If the batter hasn’t hit the ball after four (4) pitches, the ball
will be placed on the tee for the 5th pitch.
7. Any ball hit and lands within the eight (8) foot arc in front of home plate will be a foul ball.
8. No more than five (5) players are permitted to play the infield, including the pitching position. All
outfielders must be in the grass.
9. When any player in the infield has control of the ball, play will stop. If a runner is more than halfway
to the next base, the runner is awarded that base. If the runner is less than halfway to a base, the
runner returns to the last base touched.
10. An overthrown ball to first base or third base by a fielder is a dead ball and the play stops.
11. If a ball is hit in the outfield, the runner will be encouraged to run until the ball is in the infield.


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