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Pony League Program (13 & 14 year-olds)

The objective of this league is to assist each player in achieving his/her fullest potential in the game of baseball.

League Rules:
Official Pony League rules in conjunction with Official Major League Baseball Rules will govern play. SVBSA will participate in North Suburban League (NSL) for Recreation League Teams and Competitive League Teams, and will be governed under the rules of that membership league. Select Teams will participate in Quad County League (Quad) and will be governed under the rules of that membership league.
• A player must play minimum of 3 defensive innings and have one at-bat in a seven (7) inning game unless superseded by individual league rules. Exception will apply for Select (Quad) Team players.

• PONY Baseball pitching rules as stated in the PONY rulebook will govern all Pony players that are members of a Select Team (Quad).
• Players are limited to:
• 3 innings maximum per North Suburban League (NSL) or In-House Playoff games.
• 7 innings maximum per week for North Suburban League (NSL) or In-House Playoff games. (Sunday – Saturday)
• 3 innings maximum per Select Team Game (Quad) UNLESS:
• The select team player has chosen not to participate on a NSL Team;
• OR - Permission is obtained from the player’s NSL Manager;
• OR - 40 hours rest is available before the player’s next NSL game. The 40 hour rest period is measured from the start time of the previous game.
• 10 Innings Maximum per week for select team (Quad) games (Sunday – Saturday).
• 7 Innings in a given calendar day.

General Play Rules:
• Ten-Run-Rule will be in effect after four and one-half (4 ½) innings if the home team is ahead.
• NSL games shall use continuous batting order, i.e. each player shall be included in the batting line-up.
• NSL games shall use free defensive substitutions, with the exception that no pitcher may re-enter the game as a pitcher after he/she has been removed from the mound.
• Head first slides are permitted at all bases.
• A Team must have at least eight (8) players in order to play a legal game.
• A team will start a game when at least eight (8) players are present. If eight (8) players are not present at game time, the team will have fifteen (15) minutes from the scheduled game start time to get at least eight (8) players. If a call-up or call-over player is used the manager must comply with SVBSA policy. If not enough players are found, a team can play with eight (8) players but an out must be recorded for the ninth batter spot.
• If a team starts a game with nine (9) players or ten (10) players and a player is injured, the team may continue the game as long as it fields eight (8) of more players, and an out will NOT be recorded in the spot where the injured player batted. If a player leaves or is ejected from the game, the game can continue, if the team can field eight (8) or more players. An out WILL be recorded in the spot where the absent or ejected player(s) batted. Less than eight (8) players will result in forfeit.
• The first time a bat is thrown in a game both teams will be given a warning. On the next incident of a thrown bat, the offending player, no matter which team, will be called out and the play is dead. No runners can advance on the play.
• A courtesy runner may be substituted for the catcher, if the catcher is on base with two (2) outs. The player on the team who made the last out must replace the catcher on base. A courtesy runner may be used at the discretion of the manager, but is not required by SVBSA. An umpire may make the request to the manager to speed up the game.

• Any coach or manager who is ejected from a game by an umpire will be suspended for the very next game. Suspensions will be reviewed by the executive board for possible other disciplinary action.

Guidelines for League Formation:
• Pony age players that make a high school roster, at their own decision, will be allowed to “play up” at Colt baseball for the given year. Once the player chooses to play up that player loses their eligibility for the Pony league and any tournament or select team participation at the Pony level.
• The SVBSA VP of Baseball will accept name for NSL recreation, competitive and Quad County League Managers and submit them along with recommendation to the SVBSA Board of Directors for approval.
• NSL Rec. League Rosters will be set to a maximum of 15 players and a minimum of 11 players per team.
• NSL Competitive League Rosters will be set to a maximum of 18 players and a minimum of 14 players.
• Quad County League Rosters will be set to the individual rules of the league or a maximum of 15 players and minimum of 12 players.
• Thirteen (13) and fourteen (14) year old players will both play on NSL rec. and competitive league teams with an equal distribution per team to accommodate league specific pitching rules by age eligibility.
• There will be up to two Select (Quad) teams as follows. Team 1: 14 and under which will select the top level Pony age eligible players. Team 2: 13 and under which will select the top level Pony players age 13 and under.
• In order for a player to be eligible to try-out for a select team the player must have been registered in the SVBSA for the current season prior to the select team try-outs and live within the geographical boundaries with-in the SVBSA as defined by PONY Baseball or have previously played in the SVBSA as approved by the SVBSA Board. The only exception to this rule shall be for players who did not live within the boundaries of the SVBSA the previous year and now live within those boundaries and are new registrants to the SVBSA . Quad County rules, as governed by PONY Baseball apply for eligibility to participate on a select-team for SVBSA.
• If desired by the registered player, they may elect to try-out for Select Teams (Quad). Players that are selected to participate on the Select Teams (Quad) may also elect to participate in the NSL. Players who make Select (Quad) Teams and elect to play are automatically placed on a NSL Competitive Level Team as a second team.
• Players not picked for a Select (Quad) Team are automatically placed on a NSL rec. level team.
• NSL rec. level players will have an opportunity to try-out for selection onto a NSL Competitive Team as a second team.
• Additional fees will be collected to cover the expenses of participation on a second team in SVBSA. Registration fees cover selection to first team participation. Additional fees may also apply for additional team expenses for Select Teams as approved by the SVBSA Board of Directors and detailed cost breakdown provided by Team Manager for additional uniforms, games etc.
• Pony level players will also have the opportunity to participate on PONY League World Series at the 14U and 13U age levels. Try-outs for selection to these teams will occur in May.
• Players not selected to a PONY World Series Team may elect to try-out for Summer Tournament 14U Level team(s) in May/Early June for play after the conclusion of the NSL season. Manager Selection and Try-outs
• The Pony Coordinator will accept names for the Select (Quad) team(s) manager(s) and submit them along with a recommendation to the SVBSA Board of Directors for manager approval.
• The Pony League Coordinator, Approved Select Team Manager and at least two (2) members of the SVBSA Board of Directors will conduct open try-outs. Prior to this try-out, all participants will be informed that there is no mandatory playing time for select (Quad) team members.
• The select team players will be chosen from those players who participate in the select team try-out. The select team manager(s) will select players from participants to complete the roster.
• If two select teams are to be chosen, all players from the primary team (14U) will be selected prior to the formation of the secondary team (13U). Caution must be exercised during the player selections to insure that all defensive positions are accounted for and to avoid simply picking the best players for any one team.
• Only those players who participate in the select team tryout are eligible to be chosen for a select team. Exceptions to this rule must be reviewed and approved on an individual basis by the SVBSA Board of Directors.
• Players that participate in the NSL rec. League may elect to try-out for participation on the NSL Competitive League team(s). There will be as many NSL competitive League Teams as there are players to meet minimum roster limits and available coaches.
• All Managers and Coaches must submitted to and approved by the SVBSA Board of Directors and be eligible to coach based on Pennsylvania State Laws required for volunteer clearances. Multiple Team Play
• Players on a select (Quad) team and NSL competitive team as a second team will have the Select team play as a priority over NSL play. Based on Select team managers choice.
• Players on a NSL rec. Level team and NSL competitive team as a second team will always play as a priority for the Rec. Level team.

Guidelines for all Players:
• Pony players may use metal spikes.
• It is recommended use of a face guard for batting helmet but is not required.
• Catchers are required to use protective athletic cup when playing that position.
• Any player participating in the Pony League Select (Quad) program for another Association will not be permitted for any reason to play on or be on the roster of a SVBSA NSL or Quad team.

Tournament Play
• All Pony League players will be selected using the SVBSA approved guidelines that are part of the Policy and Procedure Manual.
• Final roster size is determined by the team Manager but cannot exceed fifteen (15) players.
• There will not be “even” teams selected if enough players try-out for multiple teams.
• Select (Quad) team players can try-out for Tournament teams but may not participate in Tournament Play prior to the end of its league schedule, including playoffs except with the approval of the Select Managers and SVBSA Board of Directors.


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