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Mustang League Program (9 & 10 year-olds)

The objective of this league is to promote a greater understanding of baseball and to encourage the development of all players to their fullest potential.

League Rules:
Official PONY Baseball Rules for Mustang Baseball will govern play, except for the following exceptions:
• SVBSA will schedule a minimum of 14 games and as many in-season practices as field space permits. The Mustang League will also conduct a single elimination tournament at the conclusion of the regular season.  
• A game is six (6) innings or two hours in duration, whichever occurs first. If the game is tied at the end of those six (6) innings, and the two-hour time limit has not occurred, extra innings are allowed.
• If a game is called due to a two-hour time limit during the home half of the inning and the home team is ahead, then the game is called and awarded to the home team.
• If a game is called due to a two-hour time limit during the home half of the inning and the game is tied, then the game is ruled a tie.
• Maximum of twelve (12), minimum of eleven (11) players per team.
• Free substitutions. A player cannot sit on the bench for more than two (2) defensive innings of a six (6) inning game.
• Continuous batting order will be used.
• Infield Fly rule will not be in effect.
• The Five-Run-Rule is in effect for the first five (5) innings. The maximum number of runs that can be scored by a team during the first five innings is 5. In the event a play occurs that would cause the team to go over the limit, the play should be completed, but only 5 runs will be recorded. In the sixth inning, and beyond, there is no limit on the number of runs in an inning.
• Runners may steal bases (except as noted above), but shall not leave the base until the pitched ball has reached or passed the catcher. The first time a runner violates this rule, a warning will be given to both teams. The first runner that violates this rule and causes the warning shall return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch, and the ball is dead. Any subsequent runner that violates this rule will be called out immediately and the ball is dead.
• A runner on third base CANNOT steal home on a throw by the catcher to second base in an attempt to retire a runner stealing from 1st base.
• Use of Pony League approved bats USA Bat stamped 2 5/8” diameter barrel and smaller are to be used. All other bats are prohibited.
• If a player uses an unapproved bat, the player and manager will be ejected for that game only. If the player or coach has a second offense or more of using an unapproved bat during a game, the player and coach will be ejected for that game and the SVBSA Board of Directors will determine any further discipline action needed.
• Metal spikes are prohibited.
• Catchers must use a catcher mitt. 
• A player cannot play more than 3 innings at catcher during in-house games for Mustang and Bronco.  
• If a batter is walked in his at-bat, he can only advance to first base until the first pitch is thrown to the next batter. In other words, a player cannot turn a walk into a double without a pitch being thrown to the next batter.  
• No head first slides. Diving back into a base after over running it is permitted. Violation of this rule shall result in the runner being called out.  
• The league follows the SVBSA sliding rule. Runners must slide to avoid contact when a play is made at 2nd or 3rd base. A runner that does not slide and endangers the fielder may be called out for not sliding. A runner does not have to slide at home but must avoid contact. These are judgment calls by the umpire and are not subject to protest.
• Ten (10) players will play defensively. The use of a “short” fielder in the infield instead of the outfield is prohibited.
• A team may start a game with eight (8) players. If eight (8) players are not present at game time, the team will have fifteen (15) minutes from the scheduled game start time to find an additional player. If a call– up player is used from a lower league, the manager must comply with SVBSA policy regarding call-up players. If no eligible player is found, the team can play with eight (8) players, but an out WILL be recorded in the 9th batter's spot in the batting order.
• A team may continue to play a game as long as it fields eight (8) or more players. An out will NOT be recorded in the 9th player’s spot if it is vacant because of an injury. However, if the 9th player leaves or is ejected from the game, the game can continue but an out WILL be recorded in the spot where the absent or ejected player(s) batted. Playing with less than eight (8) players will result in a forfeit.
• The first time a bat is thrown in a game, each team will be given a warning. On the next incident of a thrown bat, the offending player, no matter which team, will be called out and the play is dead. No runners can advance on the play.
• A courtesy runner may be substituted for the catcher if the catcher is on base with 2 outs. If using a courtesy runner, the catcher/runner shall be replaced on base by the player on the team that made the last out. A courtesy runner may be used at the discretion of the manager, but it is not required by the SVBSA. To speed up the game, an umpire may request that a manager use a courtesy runner to speed up the game.
• Spring Competitive, in-house, and tournament ball players ages 7-12 SHALL wear a batting helmet facemask for protection.  
• Discipline: All managers and coaches who are ejected from a game by an umpire will be suspended for their team's very next game. Suspensions will be reviewed by the executive board for possible additional disciplinary action.

Pitching Rules:
• Any Player on an in-house team, with the exception of call-ups, may pitch in a game.
• Once removed from the mound, a pitcher can not return to the field as a pitcher.
• A pitcher must be removed after hitting three batters in a game.
• A pitcher must be removed after hitting two batters in the same inning.
• A pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of the day.
• Pitchers reaching their maximum number of pitches in a day, while pitching to a batter, may finish pitching to that batter before being removed. A pitcher is charged with the number of pitches in the specific calendar day and week they are pitched, regardless whether they are SVBSA league games, SVBSA tournament or Metro/ACL games, the playoff of postponed games or suspended games, tie games, or exhibition games. Rest is calculated as per calendar day. No pitcher shall appear in a game as a pitcher for three consecutive days, regardless of pitch count.  
• A pitcher cannot pitch in more than one (1) game in a day. 
• A pitcher cannot throw in more than six (6) innings in a calendar week.
• For MUSTANG only, a pitcher may pitch no more than two innings in one game.
• A calendar week is defined as 12:00 AM Sunday – 11:59 PM Saturday.
• A calendar day is defined from 12:00:01 AM to 11:59:59 PM that same day .
• One pitch constitutes pitching in a game and in a inning.
• Each game will have an official pitch count recorder ("OCPR”).
• The OCPR cannot be the manager of the team. 
• The OCPR cannot be a coach who is on the field actively coaching.
• The OCPR cannot be the base or home umpire assigned to the game.
• Responsibilities of the OPCR:
• Shall inform the plate umpire when a pitcher has met his maximum number of pitches. This does not relieve the managers of their responsibility to remove the pitcher in the event that the OPCR does not notify the managers.
• After each half inning, the OPCR will confer with both of the teams' managers to confirm the pitch count from the previous half inning.
• In the case that the Mustang 9 and 10 year old leagues are combined, a 9 year old must pitch at least 2 of the first 4 innings of the game. In other words, 9 year-olds must pitch 2 complete innings out of the first four innings of the game. 
• Any violation of these pitching rules will result in the pitcher being deemed an “ineligible pitcher” and a protest shall be deemed to have been filed. Procedures for this violation then will follow PONY Rules regarding the use of an ineligible pitcher.


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