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10U, 12U, 15U, 18U, and all (GPGSL Slow and Fast Pitch) Softball

League Rules: Official ASA rules for all GPGSL Slow and Fast Pitch Softball will govern these leagues with the
following exceptions and clarifications.

1. ASA umpires will be used for all scheduled games.
2. Judgment calls cannot be protested, however, an appeal can be made to the umpire who can overturn or deny the appeal.
3. If a rule infraction is of concern it may be referred to the softball board consisting of the league coordinators, ASA supervising umpire, and the softball vice president. Protested games are to be avoided if possible.
4. Managers and/or coaches are the only individuals to coach the bases and warm-up the pitcher between innings. If a coach, manager or other parent cannot be found to coach a base, a player may be used but must wear a helmet.
5. Continuous batting will be in effect for all age groups.
6. Any softball traveling team will be governed by the rules of that league.
7. Smoking or the use of any tobacco product will not be permitted by anyone while on the bench or playing field.
8. SVBSA in house teams will play up and until the allotted time slot. If a full inning is not completed during the allotted time slot, and if the home team is ahead and at bat when time expires, then the game is over, otherwise the score reverts to the bottom of the previous inning. Any traveling team will be governed by the rules of that league.
9. Only four (4) non-team members (manager, coaches and scorer) per team permitted on the bench during the game.
10. A minimum of eight (8) players is required to play a game. If a player leaves the game due to injury or emergency, play will be legally completed with eight (8) players.
11. If a team is short of players a manager must call-up players from the appropriate league i.e. Junior calls up Farm, Intermediate calls up Junior, Major calls up Intermediate, and Senior calls up Major.
12. Call ups must be placed at the bottom of the batting order and cannot pitch, except Majors being called up to Seniors can pitch. Fast-pitch call ups can play any position.
13. Wearing of complete uniforms, (jerseys, pants, socks) and all appropriate safety equipment, helmets, catcher masks, and chest protectors are mandatory. Shin guards for catchers are required for slow-pitch 10 & under and all fast-pitch.
14. If an ASA umpire fails to show, every attempt should be made to play with umpires agreeable to both managers.
15. The home and away team managers are responsible for calling a game due to poor field conditions up to one hour prior to the game. Please notify the umpire or umpire coordinator for softball. If the umpire or umpire coordinator is not notified, the home manager is responsible for paying the umpire fee.
16. There will be no canceling of any games for reasons other than weather. Remember to call up players from a lower league.
17. The home team is responsible for rescheduling rain out game, all games must be reschedule within forty-eight (48) hours, please notify your league coordinator.
18. Both teams must notify the league coordinator of game results.
19. The home and away team’s manager is responsible for securing bases, storage of equipment, and general clean up after the game.
20. Tiebreaker for season champs: Win/loss/tie percentage - head to head games - runs differential in head to head games. All ties will be considered half a win.
21. If applicable, trophies will be awarded as decided by the trophy committee
22. Tournament teams. See SVBSA tournament team selection guidelines.
23. For in-house slow-pitch, only single wall, ASA approved, non-composite bats are legal, no portion of the bat can be composite.
24. Specification for each bat must be given to the team manager. If no specifications are provided, then that bat will not be allowed. Go to the manufacturer’s website for the specifications or use for bat classifications. Pure single-wall and single-wall with inner-lining are legal for in-house use.
25. All Playoff games will be played with no time limit. This affects Junior, Intermediate, Major, and Senior leagues. All in-house slow-pitch playoffs will be double-elimination.
26. There is a two hour time limit on games. Both managers and umpires are responsible for getting the games started as soon as possible. Games are played in the assigned time slots, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM for example, regardless of start times or delays. In the case of weather related delays, a game will be rescheduled if the minimum number of innings are not completed for that league.
27. Any rescheduled games due to weather for regular season games will be played over from the beginning. In the playoffs, games will resume from the point that they were interrupted. Batter will start with a fresh (0-0) count.
28. During the playoffs, the higher seeded team, based on regular season final standings, get to choose if they want to be home or visitors including the championship game(s), the lower seed chooses in the “if necessary” game.
29. Players must play in 60% of their in-house games to be eligible for GPGSL the following year. Injuries are the exception.
30. All infielders are required to wear fielding masks for both slow and fastpitch (all age groups). All outfields playing 12u and below are required to wear fielding masks for both slow pitch and fastpitch.
31. All pitchers are required to wear heart guards for both slow pitch and fast pitch.
32. All fastpitch catchers 12u and above must wear a catcher’s mitt.


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