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10u League

1. Will not observe the infield fly rule.
2. Will not observe the third strike rule (foul ball).
3. The ASA ten-run-rule will apply after four (4) innings.
4. When the player who has left the game is scheduled to bat, an out will not be declared for each turn at bat. The player can return to the lineup card.
5. Will play six (6) innings.
6. Will observe the ten (10) batter maximum per inning except for the sixth inning and beyond.
7. The 10th batter cannot be intentionally walked. The batter must either strikeout or put the ball in play. The 10th batter will bat as if there are two outs.
8. After three (3) walks in an inning, the umpire is asked to expand the strike zone with the use of an expanded strike zone mat for the remainder of that inning. If a new pitcher is inserted the strike zone should continue expanded.
9. An overthrown ball, that goes into foul territory, to 1st base, 3rd base, or home by any fielder is a dead ball and the play stops. The runners advance to the base they are going to.
10. No rover. Outfielders must stay in the grass until the ball is hit.
11. Line up cards with full names and numbers will be supplied by both managers.
12. No player can sit on the bench for two (2) consecutive innings. Play an inning, sit an inning.
13. Pitchers will only be allowed to pitch 3 innings in a game during the regular season. This does not apply during the playoffs.


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