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Pinto 7 & 8

Keys to all practices: 

  • Make every player comfortable, introduce all players and allow them to get to know each other with some fun facts about themselves such as favorite food, tv show, etc.
  • Keep the players moving throughout practice by having 3-4 stations with 3 or 4 players at each station. 
  • Use the links below for a couple good, fun drills for the players.


  1. Bean bag drill.  Have 4-5 bean bags and divide up the players into lines with no more than 4 players.  No gloves needed for this drill.  Have a coach toss the bag toward the players face so they turn their fingers up toward the sky to catch the bag.  We don't want players trying to catch the bag with their palm facing up - we want them turning their hand up, palm facing the coach and fingers pointing up.  This will help them catch better and defend themselves.
  2. Tennis ball drill.  Bring a tennis racket and 4 tennis balls and divide up the players into lines with no more than 4 players.  Have a coach per line to help the kids stay organized and collect each tennis ball once they catch it.  The coach will throw the ball into the coach hitting the balls with a tennis racket otherwise balls will be flying all over the place.  This will help the kids learn to catch fly balls and not be afraid of the ball.
  3. Infield drill.  2-3 players at each infield position - 3B, SS, 2B, 1B and P.  Hit ground balls with throws going to first.  Each player moves and rotates to a new position after each player has fielded 3 ground balls.
  4. Scrimmage game.  Kids love this and it's a little competitive.  Divide the team into two teams.  Team 1 hits and team 2 is in the field - 2 inning game.
  5. End with a relay race where the team is divided evenly.  Team 1 is at 2B and team 2 is at home plate.  A ball is given to each team used like a baton.  When the coach yells go, the first player in line runs around the bases then hands off the ball to the next person in line.  Whichever team finishes first wins.


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